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In recent years, the popularity of decking has sky-rocketed in the UK – and it’s not hard to see why! Even if hot days may be few and far between, we still all like to spend time in the great outdoors and a decked area can really enhance your own garden space, no matter how big or small. We here at AGJ wanted to share some of our top benefits of having a decked area with you.


Extend your Living Space

Think of your decking as an extra room added on to your house, because it is! You can put out furniture to relax on, have areas for the kids to play and even outdoor cooking facilities, turning this into a multi-purpose living space.

Perfect for Entertaining

On a lovely summer evening, being able to sit outside with your friends and family is a perfect way to end the day. Have a decked space allows for you all to relax outdoors without the hassle of muddy grass and camping chairs. You’ll have real furniture to sit on and a real floor underfoot – luxury!

Level Out Uneven Ground

If your garden’s uneven or you have a specific area that slopes hazardously, decking is an easy way to sort out the problem. You don’t need any costly landscaping and you get the added benefits of everything else decking has to offer. 

Easy to Modify

As people change and families grow, what you want from an outdoor space may change. Luckily, decking is incredibly easy to adjust and modify, meaning that you can change it to suit your ever-changing lifestyle.

Aesthetic Appeal

Of course, we can’t not mention the aesthetic benefits of decking! A decked area can be a beautiful addition to a garden, especially if designed well and planned carefully. You can go for a traditional look, modern style or keep everything very natural so it blends seamlessly with the rest of your garden.

Quick Construction

Unlike paving or landscaping, decking is pretty quick to build and install, especially when you get professionals to do it for you! This means you won’t have to be bothered by construction for very long and you can enjoy your decking as soon as possible.

Increase Property Value

Decking adds space, charm and opportunity to a property, so it’s no surprise it’ll add value to a home. Decked areas are very sought-after by homeowners, making your house more desirable and speeding up the selling process.


As long as you look after your decking, it’ll last you an incredibly long time. Source your materials from a trusted company, such as us, have it installed by professionals and don’t mistreat it and it could last you a lifetime! We are so confident in our  decking’s durability.

Easy to Maintain

Talking of looking after your decking, it doesn’t take much. It’s a good idea to use a suitable deck coating and stain to keep the wood looking fresh. Other than that, give it a regular brush and then clean with a suitable decking cleaner every now and again and you’ll be good to go!

Inexpensive Investment

Of course, this depends on the materials you use, your decking design and post-installation decoration, but decking doesn’t have to cost the earth. Contrary to what most believe, you don’t have to blow all your savings for a decked area.


If you’re interested in a decked area to enhance your garden and family or social life, get in touch with us at AGJ today.  Be the envy of all your neighbours.

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